Save Lives and Save Dignity
 A Mission of Peace and Development for the People of Abra, Philippines
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Save Lives and Save Dignity  has two strategies for implementing reform in the Abra province of the Philippines.  One is to work outside of the government in providing legal services and witness protection to those falsely imprisoned or targeted by the current government for giving truthful testimony against criminal actions.  The other strategy is to work inside the government in order to attempt reform from within.  To these ends, we offer the following:

We envision an end to all forms of politically-related violence leading to a smooth transfer of power coming from orderly, honest, peaceful and credible elections -- thereby attaining unity, harmony and good governance among the people.
We seek to conduct a genuine, honest-to-goodness grassroots campaign on political education and active community involvement leading to vigilance and mass political participation as a countermeasure against poll-related irregularities and local government anomalies.
1)  We will formulate a comprehensive approach involving citizens and political decision-makers in addressing the root causes of conflict that lead to the existence of partisan armed groups, and we will work for their total disarmament.
2)  We will develop a strong sense of effective, pro-active involvement and vigilance among Abrenians in safeguarding the sanctity of their ballots so that we may know the true will of the people.
3)  We will undertake a vigorous and aggressive public information and dissemination program aimed at educating the people about the campaign issues, profiles and platforms which will affect them, leading to an enlightened public opinion.
4)  We will promote true people-empowerment through the organization and mobilization of Abrenians in the influencing and making of public policies which affect them.
5)  We will set up citizen-watchdog groups who will regularly monitor and evaluate the performance of incumbent local officials in the interest of providing public information, service, accountability and transparency.
6)  We will publish an official newsletter which will echo the real sentiments, aspirations and free speech of the peace-loving Abrenians which will effectively communicate grievances to concerned public officers who are supposed to be the servants of the people.
7)  We will deconstruct the age-old notion of top-down, hierarchical, pyramid-like governance paradigm to a paradigm which is bottom-up, consensus-based, populist-driven in its approach to leadership, political decision-making and governance.
8)  We will preserve the gains made by the efforts towards new politics and good government through the continuous advocacy of political pluralism, freedom of choice, client-orientedness and responsiveness to the people's demands and needs.
9)  We will establish linkages and networks with NGOs, peoples' organizations, interest groups, private community-based sectors, as well as international non-profit organizations, who espouse a democratic agenda.
10)  We will uphold and uncompromisingly pursue the lobbying for legislation and implementation of the following Constitutional guarantees and mandates of the 1987 Fundamental Law:
  a)  Public Office as a Public Trust.
  b)  Public Officers are Servants of the People.
  c)  Equal Access to Opportunities in the Public Service.
  d)  Public Officials serving with the utmost honesty, integrity, and loyalty.
  e)  Public Officials leading modest lives.
  f)   A Declaration that Political dynasties will be banned and outlawed.
11)  We will replicate at the Provincial level, the national government's campaign of conducting lifestyle checks among provincial officials with the dynamic participation of private citizen groups in this effort.
12)  We will institutionalize the practice of transparency and full disclosure of all local government transactions by compelling local executive offices to publish, to post in public places and to disclose their financial incomes and expenditures involving taxpayers' money on a quarterly basis.
13)  We will establish a citizen's hotline to report on graft and corrupt practices, abuses of power and authority and anomalous activities involving local government officials.