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Carmelita Omil-Tagorda says this:

"[Although] I do not belong to any political party, I am acknowledging related political ideas that are similar to my own in formulating the Abra Agenda for Change, Order and Transparency."

"The task of government, whether local or national, is first and foremost to create the conditions in which communities and their citizens are enabled to achieve their own successes and to live their lives in the way in which they choose.  In particular, government should guarantee the rights of citizenship to every individual, and encourage them to recognize their responsibilities in three fields:  Economic, Social and Political.  [ p. 2]

"Everyone, therefore, should be entitled to a basic "entry ticket" to society, not just a bare minimum of good and services.  Not everyone is equally able to compete in the market place, and many will need assistance with income support or in overcoming barriers to development not of their own making.  Public goods which the market will by itself provide comprehensively or sufficiently, such as transport infrastructure, defense, education and training, health care and environmental protection, must be delivered.  In guaranteeing entitlements to these public services, government must always aim to maximize choice and opportunity for individuals, rather than treat them as the passive recipients of services with no views and no potential of their own.  [ p. 2-3]

"Decisions whould be taken as near as possible to the communities and individuals the most affect.  This applies not only to government, but also to work, where employees must be able to share success and participate in decision-making... democracy must be reformed so that all citizens, whatever their background or status, are able to hold their representatives fully to account.  [ p. 4]

"Once these rights of citizenship -- economic, social and political -- are guaranteed, the full scope of every individual's potential can be realized.  A participatory and decentralized democracy will give rise to better decision-making and genuine empowerment.  A skilled, flexible and committed workforce will lead to a prosperous and dynamic economy.  Non-material activities -- artistic, cultural and spiritual -- will also flourish." [ p. 4] 

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