Save Lives and Save Dignity
 A Mission of Peace and Development for the People of Abra, Philippines
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Planks specific to a political platform headed by Carmelita Omli Tagorda:

Faith in government needs to be restored.
Integrity in the political sector leads to stability in the economic sector, thereby producing a favorable business climate.
Clean government is good government.
Transparency is the order of the day.
The spirit of Abra is reflected in its people who believe in hard work and self-reliance.

The first order of business is the outlawing and dismantling of Private Army Groups.
Police Department will be purged of rogue elements.
Police Department will be strengthened with proper training and use of proper equipment.
A covenant of peace will be pursued with all warring factions of the present environment of violence.

Farm Modernization will be pursued.
Government Salaries will increase based on better services being provided.
Free trade, not isolationism, will be the direction of the economy.
Beautification of cities will encourage private investment.
The models of other cities, such as in Naga, will be implemented to improve the quality of life in Abra.

Government will be streamlined.
Modernization with computers will be implemented.
Government services will be oriented to excellence and "client-satisfaction."

Equal opportunity will be the watchword of all programs.
All residents will carry a "Resident Card," which will guarantee services and provide for proper identification.
All citizen's will be provided a "Citizen's Manual," which will outline all programs, services, rights to which the citizen is entitled.

Devolution is a word which means that the people will have power over government, not a top-down driven model of the government ruling over the people.
Linkage between government, media and the community will ensure participation of all for a better society.
"Consensus" and "Cooperativism" will be the watchwords of government methodology.
Taxes will be freely given by citizens who enjoy the benefits of government service.
"Enlightened Populism" will be the goal of governmental work.

Drug Prevention through education and treatment centers will be implemented.
Education through high school will be a basic right of all the people.
Health Programs will be initiated to maintain the health of the people.
Curfews for the youth will be enforced in order to keep young people of the street and out of trouble.
Roads will be built for transportation and mobility of commerce and the people.
Enforcement of pet laws will be enforced to encourage responsibility, humaneness and beautification of the Province.