Save Lives and Save Dignity
 A Mission of Peace and Development for the People of Abra, Philippines
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COT stands for:


Change means ending the vicious cycle of political violence that has stained many elections with blood.  
Ensuring free, honest, credible and peaceful elections is the first giant step to bringing back our people's trust in government.
Change means replacing the three Gs of "Guns, Goons and Gold" with "Goodness, Good Will and Good Works." 

     Goodness:  Warring political factions should be brought to the table in an effort to stem the violence which results from political terrorism.
          Goodness means clean politics which leads to clean government.
          Goodness is decency, honesty, and integrity in the public eye.
          The motto of good politics is:  "Ballots, not bullets!"
          “When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it -- always.”  -- Mohandas Gandhi         

     Good will:  Is the perfect answer and antithesis to "goons politics."
           Good will means winning the hearts and minds of the people and supporting them in times of need.
           Genuine friendliness, helpfulness, benevolence, concern and care will develop more permanent relationships and build faith in government service.

     Good works:  This means leaving lasting legacies without expecting anything in return.
            Good works means helping the people without the corruption of "money politics," which is the way of  "tradpols" [traditional politicians] who work for money and appear only around election time to bribe their way back into power.  
            "The corruption of the political office in the manner of paying for the position is the reason for the systemic corruption of our politics and society."  

"Law and order are the foundation of any government."
"For us to be able to sleep well and be assured that we can leave our homes and go home safely, the strong and long arm of the law must be felt by everybody, most especially the lawless elements."
"Dura lex, sed lex  --  The law may be harsh, but it is still the law!"
"Favoritism in the awarding of government contracts will be terminated.  The government will be manned by professional, committed, honest public servants driven by a culture of meritocracy."
"We will implement existing laws strictly without fear nor favor and punish public officials who break the law and betray the trust placed in them by the public with mandatory prison time for corruption and fraud."
"There are those who say that focusing on integrity as the major campaign issue destacts us from more pressing concerns such as the economic performance of the Province.  Unless we restore integrity and credibility in government, Abra will not attract more capital investments.    No investor in his right mind will invest in a location where political assassinations are the order of the day.  Political uncertainty brought about by lawlessness is the single most damaging factor contributing to the lack of integrity among key Provincial leaders."

"All contract award information will be posted on the Internet and in public bulletin boards so that the citizens and media can monitor what government is doing."
"All financial transactions and books pertaining to incomes and expenditures will be open for public scrutiny."
"Accountability and transparency in the dispensation of public funds will be religiously observed."
"The Constitutional provision requiring full disclosure of public transactions affecting public interest and the Abrenians' right to information on matters of public concern will guide all efforts to meet this public expectation."
"On day one, all local government officials must undergo compulsory life-style checks.  A relentless, no-nonsense and serious campaign to end all forms of corruption will be pursued vigorously."