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Ms. Carmelita Omli-Tagorda was born in Lagangiland, Abra, Philippines, and she is currently living in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii.  She was nominated as Hawaii Businesswoman of the Year in 2005 by Pacific Business News Magazine.  She has a B.S. degree from Far Eastern University in Manila, Philippines in Commerce Accounting, and she also 
studied two years of architecture at Mapua Institute of Technology.  She has paralegal background from the Hawaii Advocacy Center, and she currently is President/Owner of Omli Solutions, a business, consulting and mediation company in Maui, Hawaii.  Her father was the former mayor of Lagangiland, Abra [Eusebio 'Sabado' Omli] as was her brother,
Johnny Omli.  She is also the granddaughter of the late Don Cagaid Omli. 
What others have said about Carmelita Omli-Tagorda
"It would be a great loss to us here in Hawaii if she [Omli] ever decides to go back to her roots, but at the same time we will be happy because we know that she will be helping more people...  [Omli] is a cheerful, very practical and down-to-earth individual.  She possesses a wealth of knowledge about the many aspects of running a business and is always available for consultation and [she always offers] ideas and strategies.  She is [the] kind of woman who can give hope to those who are less fortunate.  She has worked extensively with "Women Helping Women," as well as [with] parents who are facing difficult custody arrangements.  She is well-versed in legal matters and has worked tirelessly for those who need help but cannot afford exorbitant fees charged by attorneys on this island [Maui.]"  --  Elizabeth W. Poole,

"Tagorda's numerous humanitarian works have not been limited to Hawaii where she has established long-time residency...  All throughout the years, she has been a constant silent supporter of many educational institutions in the province, paramount in her mind the shaping of schoolchildren into responsible leaders of the future.  She has also been helping upgrade the medical requirements in the province, as always opting that her contribution be unheralded. -- Northwide Philippines Gazette, Vol 1, No. 46

"It is truly amazing how strong women can be!  [We have had women sacrifice to lead our country on the national level, and] even on the local front, Tagorda is giving up her selfish pursuits.  This is how genuine people's service should be."  --  Anonymous Organizer, as reported in Northwide Philippines Gazetter, Vol. 1, No. 46.